“Gamma” group is a conglomerate of affiliated companies working towards a common integrated goal and bound together by sharing the same general management and implementing a network of horizontal partnership agreements. Since 2001 the group has been active both locally – in Russia – and internationally – most notably in Germany, France, Switzerland in China – in the field of provision of integrated security services, specifically. In particular:

  • audit of existing IT infrastructure and implementation of secure solutions;
  • organization of physical protection and security policies of commercial and governmental facilities;
  • rapid-response due diligence of prospective business partners;
  • business services such as audit, accounting, tax and management consulting;
  • private investigations;
  • financial control and specific audit reporting;
  • organization of legal support;
  • development, installation and maintenance of security, access control, surveillance and other low-voltage systems;
  • implementation of comprehensive staff testing and screening programs including polygraph testing;
  • rapid response and source identification for incidents of information leakage;
  • construction, technical expertise, supervision thermal imaging.

The group has a vast amount of experience in all of the fields outlined above, relying both on its original technologies and methodologies and on an extensive network of industry partners. This makes it well positioned to offer efficient solutions to most security / hostile encroachment problems both on a personal level as well as in the field of commercial or other public activity.

In addition to its core competencies the company is also developing a number of side projects:
  • "Gamma-Aero" division - implements the Program for the development of small and sports aviation in the PRC;
  • "Gamma-Education" division - participates in several interstate educational programs.

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